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This site, which was for many years the Iris Technologies Australia website, has morphed into a meeting place for the Matters family in Australia. If you would like to contact me, please do so here.


All of the free and open source software listed on these pages is available free of charge. In other words "free, as in free lunch". In addition, much of the following software is "free, as in free speech". These two concepts, although distinct, are often confused. For an in-depth discussion of free and open source software see this Wikipedia article.

Please note that the free and open source software page may include some non open source tools which are available without payment while the commercial software page may include tools which are open source but for which payment is required.

Photo sets

Hosted by Flickr

  • New Zealand - Christchurch and the Canterbury region, March 2004.
  • Murramerang NSW - Murramerang Resort, South Durras NSW, May 2007.
  • Queensland - Cooktown and return, July – October 2007.
  • Tasmania - Hobart and environs, March 2008.
  • Western Australia - An Outback Spirit tour of the South-West, September 2009.

Note: You may need to have both JavaScript and Adobe Flash enabled in your web browser to see these Flickr based photo sets as slideshows.

Hosted locally


The following pages are accessible only with the appropriate accounts and permissions.

  • Family Webmail - A web-based email system for family members with email accounts.

Intranet services

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